Your website is the gateway to your business. It is the door to your customer experience, and your company’s customer service and hospitality. I specialize in creating WordPress websites that engage your customers with your message, your products, and your services.


A Small Passionate Web Design and Development Company

But don’t let the size fool you! Whether you need a website that is one page or a few dozen pages, I can meet your needs.

Asking questions is always free, give Robin a call today! 530-669-3202


The Design Process:

Getting to Know You

image of conversation bubblesAfter our initial conversation I will schedule a one to two hour virtual meeting where we will discuss your business, your company’s mission and vision, and begin building a solid relationship with one another.  During this meeting we will learn more about one another and begin creating a strategy for your website and we will set project goals.  A few business days after this meeting you will be presented with a document outlining the items discovered during our meeting along with an invoice for a retainer to develop a strategic plan for your website.

A Well Defined Plan

Image of a contract

Following our virtual meeting I will write a detailed outline for your project and create milestones on agreed to priorities. This will be presented to you as a strategic plan that will align your vision and goals and make your website achievable. Upon your acceptance of this plan you will be presented with a contract to develop your site and an invoice for one-third of the project cost to get the work started.

Design & Development

Once the plan is finished, I will begin laying out visual concepts for your project. We will review and refine these concepts until they align with your vision and goals for your website. Once we have established the page layouts I will design your site with the content you provide or create content as necessary.


Next to actually launching your site, testing is the most important phase of the project. During testing we ensure that everything on the site looks exactly like you want it to, and that it all functions properly. Here we make sure that the site will accomplish the goals you have set for it. It is of vital importance that your clients or customers will have a very easy time navigating the site and will not only find what they are looking for, but will take the actions you desire.


Launch day arrives! I present you with your final site, and upon your approval I will launch your site making it live for the world to see.

Your site will be:

  • Fully Responsive – viewable across multiple platforms from desktops to cell phone
  • Fully Searchable
  • Interactive
  • Secure!

What others are saying…

Robin Monroe has been invaluable in designing my website as well as helping me with  an ongoing social media campaign.  She has a lot of creative and well informed ideas about ways to get my message out to a larger audience.  She is easy to work with and very open and patient.  She is also great in keeping me on track with my newsletter and blogs.

Jennifer Shannon


Robin Monroe is the consummate professional.  She mixes an expertise with a welcoming attitude that instills both confidence and a certain relaxation with her client.  Her attention to detail is obvious as well as her devotion to laying out a successful path.  As a former teacher, I appreciated her patience and commitment toward my ability to not only understand the material at hand but to thrive.  Without hesitation, I can recommend Robin to either the novice or skilled.  You will not be disappointed.

John McCarty


Robin knows her stuff. I recently had several issues with links in my website not working and she was able to help me quickly get it all back together. She is also very easy to work with. Robin also gave me a few optimization ideas along the way. I would definitely recommend her to help anyone with their web site design and maintenance. She knows what she is doing.

Gail Marks

Non-Profit Consultant, Gail Marks Virtual Services

Don’t Be Shy!


Having a new website made, or an old website updated doesn’t have to be a painful process. Since you are here looking at our offerings, it is a safe bet that web design is not your business, nor is the skill in your wheelhouse.  It is my business, and I have a collaboration conversation method that makes getting the project started easy and allows the client to get back to doing the work they love.  Truly, growing your business through effective website design, optimization, and the correct utilization of social media is what my business is about.



 Growing your business is my business!

I want help growing my business!

Let’s Do This!

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