Social Media Packages

Social media has become such a large factor in online shopping, that there is no doubt that social media is here to stay. Our social media offerings are designed to help you understand how to present your company’s products and services correctly and make them competitive in the modern market.


Social Media Strategy Package ~ $1,000.00

1. We (Client + Robin) will have a collaboration conversation that takes about 2 hours to complete.

2. I (Robin) will then get to work and prepare a detailed written report that includes:

  1. A market analysis of your ideal clients
  2. A list of your competitors and social media influencers in your industry
  3. How social media can help you realize your business goals.
  4. How to establish brand awareness using your authentic voice.
  5. Keyword visibility for specific words related to your business.
  6. The relationship between your website and social media and key things to improve
  7. A blogging strategy, if a blog is helpful or necessary for your business.
  8. Mission and goals for each social media platform.
  9. A strategy for growing community on each social media platform.
  10. A plan for posting on the various social media platforms – days and times to post.

3. This will be followed up with a 60-minute phone call to talk through the steps necessary to implement the plan and answer any questions you might have.

*In Addition to setting up your accounts, for a monthly fee that varies with the package chosen, I will create content and post to your accounts on a regular schedule to build your following and increase engagement.

Not feeling social?

Social media can be a confusing, relatively undefined landscape. Some say, “It’s like hanging out at a pub,” others say, “It’s like a cocktail party or a backyard BBQ,” but what is it really? For many people it is a confusing place with what seems like often conflicting rules and roles, and often resembles the Wild, Wild, West.

We can develop a social media strategy for you, setup the relevant social media platforms, and teach you how to use them. We can also teach you how to engage with followers, and block out the noise.

Click the button below and let’s have a chat about how we can help you master social media.

I need help with social media!

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